Welcome to the official website of A Word In Due Season and Mary Padgett Ministries. We believe that God has something special here for you today. 

If this is your first visit to the site, please take a moment to subscribe to the daily email devotional that I send out. It is the same content that is found in the Today's Devotional section but sent in a text only format.

This site also offers an
archive of writings for those devotionals that you may have missed or that you would simply like to read again.

In the Devotionals By Topic Area I have had specific entries grouped by categories to share what the Bible says about a variety of subjects.

If you have a prayer need, be sure to let us know by visiting the Prayer Section. We'd love to go to the Lord in agreement on your behalf. All requests will be kept in the strictest of confidence. 

Enjoy your visit, and may God bless you!

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