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Scripture:  Psalms 25:14  "The secret of the Lord is with them that fear Him; and He will show them His covenant."  

Secrets are special knowledge that are held within one’s own heart or shared in confidence with just a few close friends and trusted confidants.  We feel privileged when someone calls us aside and chooses us to be one whom they trust enough to share their private matters and innermost feelings.  When a secret is shared, it creates a bond between those who are privy to the information and defines a certain responsibility.  It also tests the trustworthiness of the one receiving the secret information, for secrets are never general knowledge but specific and guarded information.  Shared secrets even create a certain amount of power and the prestige of inclusion.

We all love to be included in knowing the things that are secret and we pay very close attention when one is being shared with us or one is whispered near us.  Someone told me a special way that they witness to others about Jesus.  They get into a crowded elevator with another believer and then begin to whisper to each other about the goodness of God and the love of Jesus.  When they begin to whisper, the people on the elevator begin to listen, thinking that they are going to hear some "juicy" private information.  Instead, they are exposed to mysteries of God and His wonderful plan of salvation.  As this captive audience departs the elevator, they are given a gospel tract.  

God has many secrets that He wants to share with us.  He is a covenant making and a covenant keeping God, but the psalmist said that God would only reveal the secret of His covenant with those who reverently fear Him.  God's covenant is precious to Him.  He will not cast His pearls, or gospel, before the swine, those who choose not to believe (Matthew 7:6).  He desires to take us into His confidence, but covenants require relationship.  We can never understand the things of God without personally knowing God.  He is ever present in our crowded world and continually whispers His Words to us.  When the prophet sought to hear the Lord's instruction, it did not come in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire, but came in a still quite voice (I Kings 19:11-12).

Even Jesus did not share God's covenant with everyone, but taught in parables so that the secret things of God would stay hidden from those who were unworthy to receive the revelation.  The Lord stands like the witnesses in the crowded elevator and continues to speak the mysteries of His gospel through His Word.  He whispers out His revelations to those who seek after Him and who truly want to understand His secrets.  When the Lord sees that our hearts reverently fear Him and that our spiritual ears are attentive to His voice, He will share His secrets with us. +++

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