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:  II Kings 6:17  "Open his eyes, that he may see."

A great army had surrounded the city where the prophet Elisha and his servant were staying.  When the servant saw that they were surrounded, He became distressed and sought comfort from Elisha.  Elisha told his servant not to fear and declared that there were more for them than against them, but the servant still could not see what the prophet of God saw.  Elisha then prayed this simple prayer asking God to open the eyes of the servant.  When God opened the servant's eyes and allowed him to see beyond the natural, he saw that the mountains were full of horses and chariots of fire, which were there to protect them.


Before my grandchild was born, we experienced a great blessing, for we were allowed to see an amazing video of her while she was still in the womb of her mother.  As the doctor scanned the baby with the sonogram, we were able to see many of her features, which included her heart beating and a perfect view of her mouth making definite sucking motions.  It was awesome to grasp this wonderful blessing.  Modern technology had made it possible for our eyes to see beyond our natural capabilities and allowed us to view a miracle.  Yet, if we had not been able to see the child with our own eyes, the fact remained that she was there and full of life.


This is a life lesson for us in the spiritual.  Too often, it seems that evil surrounds us, and like the situation with Elisha and his servant, our vision is limited.  We are only able to see the opposition and we experience fear because we cannot see what is happening in the spirit.  However, God is surrounding us with His forces.  Without God opening our spiritual eyes, we cannot see a way of escape any more than we could see the baby in the womb without the help of a sonogram.  Yet regardless of our limited vision, God is quietly working undercover on our behalf and has a plan and a time to bring all things into fruition.


I pray for you today, as the prophet prayed for his servant, that God would open your eyes supernaturally and allow you to see the heavenly forces that are fighting for you in the battles of life.  I pray that you will get a glimpse of the blood of Jesus that was shed for your sins so that you could receive eternal life.  I pray that you would come to understand the significance of the stripes that were laid upon Jesus' back, for Isaiah says that "by His stripes you are healed."  I pray that God's peace that passes all understanding would flood your spirit as you envision the crown of thorns that was placed upon Jesus' brow, for "He took the chastisement of your peace upon Himself" (Isaiah 53:5).  And finally, I pray that your spiritual eyes would be opened to know God's heartbeat.  I pray that you would be assured that He is surrounding you with His love.  I encourage you to pray the same simple prayer that the prophet prayed, "Open my eyes that I may see," so that you may rest in God's promise of provisions and protection. +++

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