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:  Luke 11:2  "And He said unto them, When you pray, say .... "

When Jesus was teaching His disciples to pray, the first thing that He instructed them to do was to audibly say the words of their prayer to God.  God is omniscient and He know the thoughts of our mind and the meditations of our hearts.  He understands our motives and intentions better than we do.  He also sees our pain and disappointments and listens to the cries of our heart even though we do not give them sound.  Yet, even though the Lord can see what is going on internally within us, He shares with us a very important principle of prayer, which is that He wants us to give voice to our prayers.


Jesus told us that our Father God knows what things we have need of before we ask for them, but He does not say that we are not supposed to ask (Matthew 6:8).  In fact, following the statement that God knows what we have need of, Jesus taught us that we still need to make our needs known and that our request should be prayers that can be heard.  James 4:2 says, "You have not because you ask not."  And then in John 16:24, Jesus said, "Up until now, you have asked nothing in My Name: ask, and you shall receive so that your joy may be full."  Even when the blind man was crying out to Jesus, Jesus asked him what he wanted.  It seemed that the blind man's need was very evident to everyone near, but Jesus wanted him to declare his specific request.  Asking for a need to be met not only causes you to acknowledge your need of the Lord's provision, it also allows Him to determine where your faith is.  When Jesus heard the blind man say that he wanted Jesus to restore his sight, Jesus knew the blind man believed in Him and also that he believed Jesus could do that mighty work.  He told the blind man, "Go your way, your faith has made you whole."


Today, I want you to think about the things that you want God to do for you or someone else in your life; recent things or things that you have held in your heart for many years.  They may be things that you think you do not deserve or things that seem too impossible for even God to do.  Then I want you to make those needs known to God and ask Him to grant your requests in the Name of Jesus.  I want you to remind God of the scriptures above and release your faith in Him to accomplish what He has promised to you.  Allow your spoken words to declare your faith in God and your belief in what He can do for you.  Remember you have not because you ask not.  Prayer has a voice and you need to speak your words aloud to God.  As you do, I believe that God will listen and that He will answer as Jesus said so that  your joy may be full and complete. +++

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