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Scripture:   Genesis 30:27  "I have learned by experience ..."


Jacob had served Laban, his father-in-law, for many years and Laban had become prosperous because of the blessings of God that were upon Jacob's life.  Jacob did not have to call Laban's attention to this fact because Laban recognized it himself.  Laban told Jacob, "I have learned by experience that the Lord has blessed me for your sake." 


The voice of experience is very powerful.  There is a saying; "The man with knowledge is always at the mercy of the man with experience."  Unproven knowledge is no match for the voice of experience, for experience speaks with great wisdom and authority.  Experience is quick to warn others who have yet to learn what it has learned.  Even strangers will listen and heed your words when you speak of your experience.  For example, the other day I stopped to get gas for my car, but the particular pump that I chose to use did not work properly.  First it would not start, then it pumped slowly, and finally it stopped altogether.  I informed the attendant who told me that it had not worked properly all day.  While I was using another gas pump, several cars stopped at the broken pump.  Even though it was none of my business, I felt compelled to tell each one of them about my experience.  I did not try to influence them in any way.  They were total strangers to me and could have disregarded my words, but instead, they moved to another pump.  They listened to the voice of experience.


We have experienced so much of God's kingdom.  We have received His eternal grace and mercy on a daily basis.  He has healed our bodies and restored our souls.  He has provided for our needs and put food on our tables.  God has kept us from many dangers and delivered us from evil when we fell into temptation.  He has taken our sorrows and given us joy.  He has delivered us out of the kingdom of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of light.  He has exchanged our confusion and given us peace in its place.


We need to speak into the lives of others with enthusiasm and tell them that God has done these things for us.  Our voices of experience could be the turning point for those who are going in the wrong direction.  Our life experiences could save them from wasting their own lives because the changes that we made in our lives could be the same correction they need.  Our experiences of victory over sorrow and grief could bring comfort and hope to those whose hearts are broken.  Experience is valuable and is a great teacher.  We need to share the treasures of what we have learned with others. +++

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