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Scripture:  Lamentations 3:23  "Great is Thy faithfulness."

Our God is awesome and our God is faithful.  There is no way to measure the length, depth, or height of God or His faithfulness.  If we were to try to explain God's faithfulness, we would have to agree with the writer of this scripture that God's faithfulness is simply "great."  The proportions of His faithfulness cannot be measured because it expands with every need that we encounter.  Neither can the Lord's faithfulness be counted or numbered because it is new every morning.


God is faithful to love us when we are unlovely.  He sees only the beauty of His creation and not the shortcomings and failures of our human nature.  God is faithful to forgive us of all of our sins, for when we confess our sins, He sees the blood of His only begotten Son and not the ugliness of our words and actions.  God quickly forgives when we confess and is faithful to extend His mercies.  His love is abundant and free and His compassion never fails.  When He speaks, His Words come to pass and never return to Him void.  There is not the slightest shadow of turning with God.  He faithfully remains the same today as He was yesterday, and will be the same forever.


God will be as faithful to you as the universe that He created and set in motion.  The sun rises and sets right on time each and every day.  The moon remains in its appointed position and faithfully reflects the light of the sun.  The seasons come and go and have faithfully done so for century after century.  God works His plan and He is stable.  This is a manifestation of His character.  You can put your faith and trust in Him.


Just like His magnificent universe, God is in control of your life and He will not fail you.  Yes, the clouds may cover His sun and shadows may make your way seem dim.  There may be times that you cannot see Him and think that He is not there.  These are the times that you must place your trust in His Word.  God said that He would never leave you or forsake you and that He would supply your need according to His riches in Christ Jesus.  You can depend upon His Word.  Although dark seasons may come to your life, He will bring light again.  God will not leave you alone.  He is forever faithful and He is with you right now.  He is standing somewhere in the shadows of your darkness.  He is the Spirit of Truth.  Reach out to God in simple faith, trust Him, and trust His Word.  God is faithful and His faithfulness is great. +++

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