From:  Mary Padgett Ministries, Inc.
A Word In Due Season


Scripture:  Proverbs 2:6  "For the Lord gives wisdom:  out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding."

Someone once said, "Worldly wisdom is a futile attempt to know more and more about less and less until one finally learns everything about nothing."  This may be true about worldly wisdom, but there is a higher wisdom that God gives.  God's divine wisdom, knowledge, and understanding cannot be bought with money or obtained by mere human effort or ability.  Instead, it is gained by hearing the words that come from the mouth of the Almighty God who is full of wisdom.


True wisdom begins with having a reverent fear of the Lord.  Proverbs 2:1-5 tell us that there are several things we must do to gain wisdom and emphasizes that "if" we do these things, "then" we will understand the fear of the Lord.  We must search for wisdom as we would search for a hidden treasure, leaving nothing unturned.  We must seek for it as silver, making every effort to obtain it just as we would do to earn a paycheck.  This means putting pleasures aside and showing up at God's throne daily to seek His wisdom with diligence and energy.


Our voice must cry out to God, expressing our desire for knowledge and insight.  As God begins to share His wisdom and understanding, we need to incline our ears and pay close attention.  We must receive His Words into our hearts and not become like those whom Jesus spoke about in the scriptures who have ears, but do not hear.  God's Words must also go beyond hearing and receiving.  When we hear and receive His Words, we must then apply our hearts to understand.  We must allow God to direct our thoughts and minds so that we can make effective use of the wisdom that He shares with us.  Finally, we must hide God's Words and wisdom in our heart so that they are there when we need them.  

Proverbs chapter four promises that wisdom and understanding will preserve, promote, and bring honor to you.  Others will notice wisdom in your life because it will be like an ornament of grace and a crown of glory upon you.  Wisdom will also be life and health to all of your flesh.  This is God's desire for you.  So, listen to His Words so that you may obtain His wisdom and then all that God's wisdom promises will come to you. +++