From:  Mary Padgett Ministries, Inc.
A Word In Due Season



Scripture:  Exodus 3:4  "And when the Lord saw that Moses turned aside to see, God call unto him out of the midst of the bush, Moses, Moses..."


Moses was tending his father-in-law's flock on the far side of the desert.  As he carried on his normal duties, the Lord appeared to him in the midst of a burning bush, yet the bush was not consumed by the flames that engulfed it.  When Moses saw that the bush was on fire, he said, "I will turn aside, and see this great sight, why the bush is not burned up."  Moses made a decision to forfeit his normal duties and schedule so that he could give full attention to what was happening.  He laid aside every distraction in order to investigate this phenomenon.  When God saw Moses' response, He began to talk with him and even called Moses by his name.


Like Moses' experience, many times God intervenes in our life and tries to draw us close to Him.  God may not set a literal bush on fire to get our attention or speak audibly from a flame, but He is there just the same, expending His energy as He makes an effort to communicate with us.  He wants to share His sovereign plan, but does not speak until He knows that He has our full attention.  He waits to see our response and watches to see if we will turn aside and come into His presence.  God loves us so much and has so much to say.  Yet, even though we sense His tender wooing, we very often neglect it.  We allow other things to take precedence like a television program we want to see, a friend we need to visit, or some project we need to finish.  Life is too busy and we fail to give attention to God as we should.


The most significant encounters with God are those when He chooses to intervene in our lives in an effort to reveal Himself to us in a personal way.  He comes to us because He has something to say.  For a brief moment, God gives us the opportunity to approach Him and to stand in His presence on Holy ground.  All we have to do is respond to His simple wooing, and when we do, His voice shakes the very mountains of our life.  Yet, many times we miss this awesome opportunity to commune with the Lord because our hearts postpone His plans.  We seek for a more opportune time and make plans to go to our prayer closet when it is more convenient for our schedules.  We fail to realize that it is not the power of the closet, but the power of God when He reveals Himself in the closet.


For Moses, it was never the bush; it was God in the bush.  It was not the flames of fire that engulfed the bush, it was God's Holy Spirit burning, yet never consuming.  The ground around the bush was not holy in itself.  It was sanctified and made holy by God's holy presence.  If you want to hear from God, you must not only seek for Him, you must respond to Him on His terms.  Turn aside at the Lord's bidding whenever and wherever it may be and allow Him to be God over your life.  He will speak when He sees you turn toward Him, and He will sanctify and make holy the place and the moment. +++