From:  Mary Padgett Ministries, Inc.
A Word In Due Season

Scripture:  Psalms 25:1 (Amplified)  "Unto You, O Lord, do I bring my life."

Sometimes it seems harder for us to trust in God than it 
is for us to trust in others.  For instance, when we are sick and hurting, we do not find it hard at all to give ourselves completely to a doctor that we barely know.  We bring our lives to the doctor in simple trust.  We allow him to prescribe medication for us and to do whatever he feels that he needs to do.  If necessary, we even allow him to put us to sleep for several hours so that he can perform an operation on our bodies that we do not even understand.  Because we know so little about the subject, we rely on the doctor's training, education, and skill.  We assume that his diagnosis is correct and that what he tells us is the truth.  We rarely question his efforts unless he proves himself wrong.  Our lives are literally in the physician's hands

When it comes to putting our trust in the Lord, however, it is hard for us to let go and let God have His way.  We tend to cringe at the thought of not having total control over our own lives.  We sense God's Holy Spirit leading us, but our minds and emotions take us in the opposite direction because we fear disappointment and failure.  We do
 not have the confidence that we need to walk the path of faith that God has set before us.  If God prescribes something, we question Him.  We also find it difficult to rest while God is working His plan in our lives.

David said the most precious thing he had was his own life, but he brought it and placed it in the hands of the Lord.  He could trust no other, but was confident that his tender loving God would not disappoint him.  David depended upon the Lord to show him the right way to go and trusted God to guide him down the path of truth.  He leaned on God's covenant of grace to comfort him when he was lonely and afflicted.  God became David's secret companion because David reverently feared and worshiped Him.  How great it would be if we would come to this wonderful place of trust that David found and then be able to surrender our lives to God and declare to Him, "Unto You, O Lord, I bring my life." +++