Mary Padgett has served in some capacity in the church all of her life.  She holds a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Christian Ministry from the Liberty Theological Seminary and was ordained in 1992 by Rev. John Osteen.  He was her mentor and pastor for thirty-two years.  Mary Padgett now attends Bethany Fellowship Church in Kingwood, TX, which is under the leadership of Pastors Richard and Mary Lee.
Mary's passion in life is serving the Lord Jesus Christ and sharing His gospel with the world.  She has a burden for the lost and compassion for the believers.  Her desire is to share a word that will edify, exhort, and comfort those in need.  She is President/Director of Mary Padgett Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization that was founded in November of 1993.  She also works full time as the Data Manager for World Gospel Outreach, a missions organization, which ministers to the abandoned children of Honduras, Central America.    
She has ministered in prisons, street ministry, short-term foreign missions, and retreats and meetings.  Much of her devotional content has come from the study materials that she developed while teaching a bi-monthly Bible study in her home and also a weekly meeting at the Best Western Hotel for a total of thirteen years.  Mary began sharing "A Word In Due Season" on January 2, 1999 with a total of six family members and friends.  Since its humble beginnings, this ministry has grown and is now being received around the world and is also posted on several other web sites.
"Everyone comes to a place in their life where they need to know that someone cares.  Each devotional is sent out with a personal prayer for you.  We trust that God will speak to you through these writings and hope that you can feel our heart beat and recognize that we really do sincerely care for you.
Thank you for allowing us the awesome privilege of sharing with you"

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